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Great App, please keep adding to it with updates!

The knowledge of how to treat snake bites may not apply to very many people, however it’s important to know. Please consider adding CroFab (Crotalidae polyvalent immune fab) to the antidote section.

Great POC resource!

Absolutely worth the money! As a Family Med doc in clinic, this is my one-stop shop for the occasional ED-type patient that somehow schedules an acute appt with me instead of going to an ED. It allows me to perform quick interventions while coordinating transfer. I’ve used it three times in the past month alone as a super quick bedside reference for calculating BSA for a burn patient, splinting a metacarpal fracture, and remembering the rules for clearing a C-spine collar. The info is very well organized and is limited to the pearls that we need to remember quickly in that moment. Shout out to Bret P. for recommending it.


I am replacing a more expensive one with this app. Only compliant- update with a swipe back feature. Needs it for faster functionality.

Good overview

Great outline format for the most important topics. Awesome features like Broselow tape, note taking (that is searchable in the app).

Great Content, Okay Interface

Even though this app is about the core content, UI is everything for mobile applications. Please incorporate the standard iOS gestures, such as swiping from the left side to the right to go "back" a page.

Must have for ER doctors

This is a great handy tool to double check references without looking through books. A must have for Residency and when you work in the real world ER

Detailed though complex*

It's useful but for me it is confusing. It seems more like a general overview rather than going in depth for each subject. There are categories, subcategories and details. For example: ABC's: Adult Quick Med List: Lidocane: mg/kg IV. Maybe it's because I'm not a doctor or nurse but I don't know what all the 'details' such as the Pulseless/Stable/May repeat VT/VF and such means. Seems like it would be a good resource for those in the medical field, however.

A must have

AWESOME!!! This app is well organized with a great user interface. As a med student, this is a great reference to review before presenting a patient

Great app

Great app. Helpful pictures. Logical descriptions, workups, results and treatments. Not a fan of buying apps but TOTALLY WORTH THE $.

Love it

Replaced my $300 per year reference! Awesome app!!

Good info & layout...wish I didn't have to pay twice!

Concise information on a variety of conditions seen in the ED. As an ED pharmacist I especially love the Pedi tape as my double check during peds codes. My only complaint is with a recent switch from Samsung to iPhone, I had to re-purchase the app even though I had only purchased it on my Samsung Galaxy a few months earlier. Paying for it twice stinks but is something I'll still do because I like to show my ED RN the drug I've pulled up next to my phone with the drug/dose for the specific weight of the child we're working on. This app is a little easier to read/follow than the Broslow tape.

Great app

Love this app use everyday in ER .

It is very nice

It is really great

Must See

Totally awesome! Relevant info, concise format, and easy to navigate.

Incredibly Versatile

I use this app daily. As a resident, it is a handy quick reference for treatment algorithms ranging from CAP abx coverage to the Pedi tape that has all your weight-based drugs. Best app in its category and allows you to quickly access the information needed. Well worth the purchase.

Best ER app yet.


Awesome App

Exactly what I need and when I need it!!

Good app

Easy to use and efficient enough

A lifesaver!

I work in a fast paced ED, LOVE this app! Used almost every shift! Highly recommend

Just keeps getting better and better

Best ER/Urgent Care reference I've found. What is particularly great about it is how active the developers are in continually improving it. The improvement in search capabilities recently makes it 100% easier-to-use. I've come to have great faith in the developers such that whenever I find a deficiency in the app, technical or medical, I just remind myself to wait a few months and inevitably it's been fixed/improved, generally exceeding my best expectations.

Everything is blank

App does not work at all on ipad


Great App

Super App

I'm an R2 family medicine resident. Great navigation. Well-designed. Useful information.

Excellent content and great price

I'm a former ED nurse now back in the dept. as an NP, and I was looking for a quick reference for my iPhone. This has a wealth of information and it seemed to me better than some of the other apps that cost a lot more. I like how the topics are laid out by category, meds by category, procedure checklists, and a virtual peds Braslow-type tape. It also has a separate heading for all the various "rules" (Ottowa, etc.). Good images as well. I already had 5MCC but in my opinion, that info is not as well-suited to working in the ED. Palm EM fills that need for me and is a great addition to my handheld reference material toolbox.

Excellent quick reference app.

Excellent quick reference app. Constantly being updated with additional material including images.

Dr. Nush

I love this app

Best ER app out there!

I use this app on every shift. Also great to read during downtime. I especially like how they frequently add more information. A must buy!


Great app. Maybe you guys can add images of procedures or maybe video links?

The Swiss Army Knife of Emergency Medicine

Well-written, easy to find information, nicely researched. Very useful fundamental information. Great for residency and medical school rotations. Inexpensive.

Great App

Great resource!

Awesome reference

Great reference to have not only for ER rotations but comes in handy ON the floor as well as outpatient setting. Thanks for the regular updates. Clearly one of the most useful apps I have

The best app in E M you can find.


Keeps getting better!

Each update makes the app even better! The recent search and addition of ortho films are great! Images turned out so clear... Please keep them coming! Love this app

Great App

This app continues to improve every update. This is the perfect app for reference in the emergency department.

Useful on service

I am a second year resident and have found this to be very useful. Good algorithms, drug dosages, etc

Well worth the money

Do not need to pay for the PedEM with this app since it is included. Wish I knew that prior to purchasing both. It is a wealth of information on all things medical. Great app and well worth the money.

Best iPhone App

A must have for every EM resident/attending. It's quick and straight to the point.

Great app

Very good, but I couldn't find STEMI or NSTEMI guidelines. Otherwise worth the money.

Not impressed

This app has never completely installed so I've lost out on $ & the experience of this app.


Lots of great material. I'm glad I bought it. I don't really use it on the job, but its great for review. And they are updating and adding to it. Great work!

Great app

Would be great if you add calculators


I have never written a review for an app before, but this app deserved the effort. This app is well worth the money. The information is pertinent, accessible, logically laid out, and easily interpreted. It has already helped me save at least one life in the ER since I recently purchased it. I highly recommend it!

Resident physician

Good references -- fast!




Great app. Easy to use and organized

Er physician

Excellent app. Very handy.

Great App!

This is a great app to have especially for IDMTs!


Boils down the essentials, keeps me from missing things to rule out.


Useful and free. Doesn't get better than that.

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